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If you haven't yet checked out our first page on soaking a reed and reedcare handout,  click this first. 

Where to purchase reeds?  Here is a short list of recommend reed makers.  This is BY NO MEANS exhaustive,  as there are MANY fine reed makers out there.  If you'd like your  handmade reeds listed here,  please send me a note at 

Oboe Duck

HB Oboe Reeds

Jennet Ingle

Midwest Musical Imports

Rose Reeds

Sandy's Reeds

Want to protect your precious reeds? Try this: How to make an inexpensive oboe reed case

Want to look at a close-up diagram of reeds? This should help: Prof. Martin Schuring's Reed Diagram

Are you curious about reed making?  Check out  ThinTheTip on Instagram for some of the best reed making teaching there is,  by oboist Dr. Lindabeth Binkley.