Online Workshops



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Music educators: we offer workshops, masterclasses  or free consultations for your school, youth symphony, or honor band!

As someone who's devoted my life to teaching and performing the oboe,  I KNOW how difficult it can be for band and orchestra teachers to teach the finer elements of oboe playing!  Maybe you'd like your students to have a better sound,  blend better,  have more consistent intonation, etc., but aren't sure where to start?  That's where OboeForEveryone can help you.  We are able to provide either in-person or live online  workshops or masterclasses for your students through Zoom/Facetime.  If you have a computer with an internet connection in an office/practice room/ or classroom, we  can connect with you and work with your oboists. 

Some possibilities include a workshop on basic elements for good oboe playing (including air, embouchure, and hand position),  intermediate and advanced workshops that focus on blending, improving intonation, troubleshooting, etc,  OR we can set up a sectional where students play tricky parts from their band music or play their solo pieces that they're preparing for solo/ensemble festivals and contests. The experiences are positive and inspiring for your students! Just contact us at

The price for most online workshops/masterclasses is $50,  a small price to pay to have expert oboe specialists working with your oboists!  However,  in keeping with the mission of OboeForEveryone,  we are willing to provide instruction regardless of financial ability to pay and can lower/waive the fee depending on need. If you would like to have an in-person workshop,  we can likely work something out as well. We're also here for free consultations to help you with any oboe-specific questions---(pedagogy, choosing instruments, reed questions, etc) just send us an email: 

We look forward to hearing from you and want to assist you in improving oboe playing!

Dr. Christa Garvey