For Students

    Are you interested in taking oboe lessons but don't have an oboe teacher yet? 

 Follow these simple steps!

1. Contact the nearest university or college that has a music program.  

2. Most college level music programs have a website with a list of faculty by instrument, so look up the oboe professor's contact info and email or call them. 

3. Ask them if they can share the contact information of their current oboe students who could teach you, or graduates of their program who live nearby and teach oboe.

4. You can even try asking if they take on private students and if they have room for you in their private studio.

Oboe professors are used to receiving requests like this ALL. THE. TIME. so they'll likely be able to suggest someone who lives near you if they are unable to teach you. Ask the price of lessons and if the cost is prohibitive ask if they have an advanced student who they can recommend to teach you.  Or,  ask if they would be willing to barter yard work/house work for lessons,  babysitting, etc.  Often times teachers are willing to take on a VERY HARDWORKING AND MOTIVATED STUDENT for a reduced fee if there is demonstrated need. Again, oboe professors are used to receiving requests like this ALL. THE. TIME.

5. Even you live in a rural area,  contact university or college programs in the region and look up the oboe instructor----they likely know of graduates of their program or other fine oboists within a VERY WIDE region of where they work and can possibly give you some leads for a nearby teacher. 

 If you have gone through ALL of the above steps and are still unable to find a teacher, contact us at and we'll try our best to connect you with an oboe specialist teacher/performer for lessons.  We'll do our best to connect you with someone in your community for in-person lessons,  but please note that online lessons might be the only option available.