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Oboe For Everyone

OboeForEveryone is a faculty-student collaboration from the University of Wisconsin, Eau Claire oboe studio

It is the mission of Oboe For Everyone to resources to anyone wanting to learn how to play the oboe, regardless of financial ability or proximity to an oboe teacher. 

We are inspired oboe teachers improving oboe playing throughout the world

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Greetings from Eau Claire, Wisconsin!

The idea of OboeForEveryone was sparked after thinking about this quote from a speech Robert Kennedy gave at Berkeley in 1966:

"But history will judge you, and as the years pass, you will ultimately judge yourself, in the extent to which you have used your gifts and talents to lighten and enrich the lives of your fellow men. In your hands lies the future of your world and the fulfillment of the best qualities of your own spirit"

Service to our communities and the world can come in so many beautiful forms. But when I considered how I might use my specialized skill set  to serve others in the world (which includes a doctorate in oboe performance and pedagogy and over 25 years teaching at the college level), my brain started spinning with this question:

What if EVERY OBOIST who wanted to learn the oboe had access to videos and resources from oboe specialists, regardless of location in the world or ability to pay?

On this site you will find teaching materials such as videos, writings, and exercises for improving your oboe skills, as well as helpful links connecting you to performances, repertoire, reed makers, sheet music sources, instrument repair, etc. 

If you are an oboist wanting to learn more about the oboe,  welcome! We hope you find what you are looking for and more. 

If you are an inspired teacher who would like to improve oboe playing and teaching, welcome! We hope you find useful resources for you and your students. 

If you are a music director who would like teaching resources for your classroom teaching, welcome!  If you'd like to schedule a Zoom masterclass/workshop for your oboe section or have general questions about the oboe, please contact us: OboeForEveryone@gmail.com  We want to help your students become even better oboe players!

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Let's do all that we can to connect with others to share our love of music and our oboe skills. And please share this site with anyone else you think might be interested.

I look forward to hearing from you!

Warmest regards,

Dr. Christa Garvey


Professor of Oboe 

University of Wisconsin, Eau Claire