It is the mission of Oboe For Everyone to provide lessons and resources to anyone wanting to learn how to play the oboe, regardless of financial ability or proximity to an oboe teacher. 
 This project brings together oboe students, teachers, reed makers, repair people, and retailers to provide a network of opportunities 
and services for oboists. On this site you will find teaching materials such as videos, writings, and exercises for improving your oboe skills, as well as helpful links connecting you to reed makers, sheet music sources, instrument repair, etc.  We are interested in connecting oboe students with oboe specialist teachers for either online lessons or for in-person lessons with instructors living in their area. We have a teaching network of oboe specialists from around the world who can teach in over 8 languages!

If you are an oboist looking for private oboe lessons, welcome! 

If you are an inspired teacher who would like to improve oboe playing in the world, we welcome you too! 

If you are a music director who would like to schedule a Skype masterclass/workshop for your oboe section or has general questions about the oboe, please contact me: OboeForEveryone@gmail.com  We want to help your students become even better oboe players!

If you are a reed maker, oboe repair specialist, etc who would like to participate in our program or advertise on our website, please email me:
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